Backwoods Triathlon

This page is a proof of concept. We are looking for feedback and a commitment from around 20 people to make this worth while. Please leave a comment here if you’re interested. Thanks.

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Sunday August 19th, 2018 @ 9:00am

The backwoods triathlon is not your normal triathlon, it’s… well… a little backwoods.

Allow me to explain.

The Swim:

If you like to start your swim holding onto a log and end it by climbing out on a rock face? Do you like to swim around old stumps and logs which are both on the surface and below the water? Then this race is for you. Oh and we don’t use fancy swim buoys in the backwoods. You’ll be swimming around a couple of old canoes. How far will you be swimming…this is the backwoods triathlon maybe 600m +/- 100m.

The Bike:

We aren’t going to say you can’t bring your ultra lightweight carbon fibre super aerodynamic tri-bike with aero bars. You can… just make sure you bring a bag to carry the pieces out. In the backwoods we like our courses rough and tough. This is a mountain bike course. It is 2 loops of about 9km of sweet single track awesomeness.

The Run:

There are no paved roads or sidewalks in the backwoods. So don’t bring your road shoes or your fancy tri shoes. Bring some solid trail shoes for this roughly 5km run. Don’t worry we won’t charge you for any extra distance you do. This is a great single track course with easy ‘backwoods’ climbs and fast descents.

The Transition:

I’ll scratch a line on the ground with my heel to show you where not to put your stuff. Otherwise, find a spot and have at it, there are no bike racks, in/out gates, nothing. This is the backwoods. That being said we don’t allow a$$ho!es in the backwoods. If you put your stuff down in a way to hinder others we will relocate it for you…

Start Time

This race starts at 8:00am.

There will be a short pre-race briefing before you start where you will be updated on course conditions, and a quick rundown of the race rules.


The Start/Finish for this race is 1.6km from the parking lot along the Westwood Lake Trail. If you can’t haul your stuff that far… well…

The Course

The transition area for this race is under the powerlines.

Here are the strava links for each segment

The Google map for the whole course:


We will have 2 person and 3 person relays. So track down a couple of friends and come hit the backwoods with us.

If for some weird reason we don’t have enough swimmers then a solo swimmer could also be part of a relay team.


These prices are just a guess at this point.
$60.00 for solos
$45.00 each for 2 person relay member
$35.00 each for 3 person relay member

Cash or cheque only on race day.

Timing Chip Pick Up

The race may be chip timed. To be determined.

Aid Stations

There will be one aid station at the transition area.

backwoods triathlonWithout the financial support of Applecross Veterinary Hospital this race wouldn’t happen.

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