Nanaimo Ultramarathon

2014 Race Postponed

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

This will be a 3/6/12 hour solo ultramarathon and 2, 3 or 4 person relay on Newcastle Island BC. You will compete against the clock to see how far you or your team can go. Whoever runs the farthest wins!

Race Format

There will be a marked loop on the trails on Newcastle (around 5 km) a solo runner will run as many laps as they can until the last hour where they will move to a smaller loop (around 1km) until the time ends then their distance will be noted. The one who goes the farthest wins.

In the relay format the team will stay at the Start/Finish area for each loop and switch off as they see fit. Some teams will do 1 lap a person others will do 2 or 3 depending on their runners and race strategy. It is completely up to the team. In the last hour they will switch to the short loop until the time is up. Which ever team goes the farthest wins.


The run will start and finish the main campground on Newcastle Island.

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The Trails:

There is a good network of trails on the island but don’t worry our trails will be well marked. The long course is around 5.1km and the short course is just under 1km.
Ultra Trail Map
There is a mix of grass, gravel and dirt with the occasional mucky section thrown in for good measure. Here is a map from BC Parks for reference.


Registration is limited to 75 runners so be sure to secure your place early!

Registration Will Open January 01 2015

Race Before May 31th After June 1st
3hr – SOLO $55.00 $65.00
6hr – SOLO $65.00 $75.00
12hr – SOLO $75.00 $100.00
3hr – RELAY – 2 runners/walkers $100.00 $120.00
3hr – RELAY – 3 runners/walkers $150.00 $180.00
3hr – RELAY – 4 runners/walkers $200.00 $240.00
6hr – RELAY – 2 runners/walkers $120.00 $140.00
6hr – RELAY – 3 runners/walkers $180.00 $210.00
6hr – RELAY – 4 runners/walkers $240.00 $280.00
12hr – RELAY – 2 runners/walkers $140.00 $160.00
12hr – RELAY – 3 runners/walkers $210.00 $240.00
12hr – RELAY – 4 runners/walkers $280.00 $320.00

Included in your registration is ferry passage to and from the island, a race t-shirt, finishers medal, and of course there will be food, coffee, and more for everyone.

T-shirts are not guaranteed after May 15th.

In person registration will be available at kit pick up. There will be NO Race Day Registration.

Kit Pick Up:

Race kit pick up locations and time are TBD. We encourage you to register online there will be in-person registration available at the kit pick up where you will be able to pay via cash or cheque.

Ferry and Start Times:

The ferry runs every 30 minutes from Maffeo-Sutton Park to the Island throughout the day from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

The 12 hour races starts at 07:00 am. I will be arranging 2 extra ferries at 06:00am and 06:30am. So don’t sleep in! But if you miss it you can still run the 6 hour race. Sorry no refunds for missing the ferry.

The 6 hour race starts at 10:00am. The regular ferry schedule starts at 09:00 and runs every 30 minutes. But if you miss the first two you can still run the 3 hour race. Sorry no refunds for missing the ferry.

The 3 hour race starts at NOON. The regular ferry schedule starts at 09:00 and runs every 30 minutes. If you miss all the morning ferries you can still come and cheer on the other runners. Sorry, no refunds for missing the ferry.

There will be a short pre-race briefing 15 minutes before each race where you will be updated on course conditions, and a quick rundown of the race rules.

Aid Stations:

We are planning for one aid station at the Start/Finish but we may add more once the route has been finalized. We will have all the usual ultra food at the aid station. If you have any special requests please let me know and I will see what I can do.


There will be a small awards ceremony after each event and lots of food at the end of the races.

Award categories are still TBD.

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