Time Change Night Trail Race – Spring Edition

Time Change Night Trail Race
The spring edition of the Time Change Night Trail Race is fun and challenging. With cool temperatures, rain or snow and only being able to see as far as you light it is an experience you won’t soon forget. But don’t worry the trails will be well marked and there will be hot coffee at the end of the race.

The Time Change Night Trail Race is part of the VI Endurance night trail race series.


Date Location* Distance Surface+ Elevation+ Map
March 11 Westwood Lake ~9.3km 3 3 Coming Soon
Surface Key
1 = Paved or very smooth surface
2 = Groomed trail or dirt road
3 = Trail or dirt road with some rocks, root and/or ruts
4 = Trail or dirt road with substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts
5 = Very rocky trail
Elevation Key
1 = Flat or nearly flat
2 = Rolling hills, total climb up to 10m/km
3 = Hilly, total climb between 10-25m/km
4 = Very hilly, total climb between 25m-50m/km
5 = Mountainous, total climb more than 50m/km

*Locations are subject to change. All Distances are approximate.
+Surface and Elevation keys courtesy of Ultrarunning Magazine

Start Time

Saturday evening. Start time 6:30pm

Safety Gear

The following mandatory safety gear is required to be carried by all participants.

  • Flash Light or Head Lamp
  • Whistle

The following safety gear is recommended (but not required) to be carried by all participants.

  • Emergency Blanket
  • Water
  • Cell Phone
  • Knife
  • Matches or Lighter


Register Here

Online registration closes at 2:00pm so I have time to go and mark the course.
In person registration is available starting at 5:30pm race day.

Online = $17.00
Race Day = $20.00


Westwood Lake

Parking is available in the Westwood Lake parking lots.


I am always looking for volunteers to help with timing and safety; for those of you who would like to volunteer you will get 5 race points and my deepest gratitude. Please contact me if you can help.

Aid Station

There will be a simple aid station at the Start/Finish. If there are enough volunteers I will put out a water station half way through the long run course.


There will be a small awards ceremony after the last race!

P.S. Guess when the next night race is!

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