Extreme Fire Risk Postpones Mountain Bike Race

An extreme fire risk is been issued for the entire West Coast of British Columbia because of this Island Timbers has closed all of its trails to the public. As such we have had to move the Nanaimo Mountain Bike Race to the 26th of October.

Here is the official notice from the Mountain Bike Club.

Hello fellow riders. With the recent hot and dry weather Island Timberlands has closed it’s lands to public access due to the extreme fire risk. What this means for us, unfortunately, is that we can’t have the race this Sunday. But IT has welcomed us to reschedule the race to another date. So we are pushing the race back to the late September – October time frame. A firm date is yet to be determined as we will work not to conflict with other events going on. We thank all the people who have signed up to race for their understanding and all the people who have volunteered their time.
We will be making further announcements shortly as well as amending the VI Endurance website with further information.
We hope that you aren’t terribly inconvenienced by this and will look forward to racing in cooler weather.

Thanks for your understanding and please be safe out there it is hot and dry.


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