Nanaimo Ultramarathon Postponed

We have changed the name of the Nanaimo Ultramarathon to the Cedar Ultra it will be held 07 June 15.

Dear Runners,

It is with great sadness that I am sending you this email. I am forced to postpone the Nanaimo Ultramarathon by one year; the race will now be on Sunday, 07/June/2015. I am truly sorry this comes less then 3 weeks until the event. I tried to delay it as long as possible. I have had events postponed and canceled on me before and I know what a bummer it can be. If you need help finding other events please don’t be afraid to ask; I have hundreds of race sites bookmarked.

The reason I have to postpone the race is because I was crushed by the speed of bureaucracy. What does that mean? Well, in order to host an event on Newcastle Island I am required to get approval from several different agencies and organizations. Despite starting this process last winter there was not enough time to get the necessary permits approved. Needless to say I will be starting the application process for next year this fall!

Newcastle Island really is an awesome place to spend a day running; which is why the race will be back next year. As well, I will still be there on Saturday the 7th but I will be going for a run not hosting a race. So you are more then welcome to join me at 10:15am for 3ish hour run.

I am also still committed growing endurance events in the Nanaimo area. I have heard that there may be more ultras coming to Nanaimo soon; so hopefully by this time next year I am not putting on Nanaimo’s first ultra just one of a many.

So where does this leave you the racer? You have two options:
1) I can mail you a full refund cheque.
2) You can defer your entry fee to next year.

Please let me know which option you prefer.

Again I am sorry for having to do this.


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