#1 Night Trail Race Report – 2017

Good Day my intrepid night trail running friends!

Well, that race was not at all what I expected it to be. I expected around 10 people slip sliding around Linley Valley for 40 minutes then we go home. But what we got was an actual race! It was downright exciting. Now granted there was still a lot of slip sliding but boy was it fun. The most talked about part was the ice slope before bridge, there were many unique ways people took to get down that slope. I think all of them included a little whooooah!

night trail race report

When I was marking the course I was honestly worried a lot of you would be turned off by the ice, was I proven wrong. We had 20 runners 6 volunteers a timer and myself.

The mens division fielded 14 runners and with the challenging conditions the winners were fast! Shelby was victorious at a time of 23:56 but he had a few people hot on his heels so it wasn’t and easy win for him. Travis came in just 9 seconds back at 24:05 and Jonathan at 24:47.

In the women’s division fielded 6 runners. Alexa came in at 38:27, Stacey (and her dog Daisy) in at 39:12 and Lindsay with the funky neon vest at 41:11 to round out the top three.

night trail race reportnight trail race report

The full results are posted here and the sortable results are posted on webscorer.

Chip timing!

Now for those who didn’t hear the story, I had talked to Patrick last year about chip timing for this race but never got around to lining anything up with him. So, as I was setting up the aid station, I look up and there’s Patrick, with his timing gear, and I’m like Dude! No Way! (Yes I embraced my inner Bill and Ted) So we had chip timing for the first time ever at a VI Endurance race. It went well and we will definitely be having him back again.


The other cool thing that happened was that Ross filmed the whole race on his Go Pro. Here. Please don’t mind his cussing it was a tough course after all.

Some of the highlights from the race:
4:20 race start
11:20 the first big icy hill
17:20 up the second big hill
28:15 over the exposed rocks.
39:45 down the ice slide
46:50 the finish

As always thank you to the Volunteers, Patrick, Tracy, Quinten, Dan, Janna, Pierce, who also came out and braved the ice. These races can’t happen with out volunteers, so thank-you.

Patrick also took some photos for us at the race I have attached a few and more can be found here on his flickr page.
night trail race report

The next race is Saturday the 11 of February at 6:30pm at the Lantzville Woodlot.

From Highway 19 take the Superior Road Exit. Turn south across the railroad tracks, curve right to stay on Superior, go up the hill then left on Normarel Dr. Parking will be on Normarel Dr and Sywash Ridge Rd. The entrance to the wood lot is under the power lines, look for signage to the start line.

See you all in February.

Matthew Lamb
Race Director – VI Endurance

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