S&D Race Series FAQs

1) What is a mixed series?
This series lets you do whatever distance you like so you can switch it up each week.

2) OK so I signed up for the long course series but I did one short course race, how does this affect my points in the long course race series?
In an effort to make this as fair as possible you will be moved to the mixed series.

3) How will points be calculated in the mixed series?
This gets a little complicated so bear with me.

All times will be based off of your transition times plus your average 100m swim speed and 100m run speed, they will be used to determine how you would have done on the long course race.

This is best explained with an example.

Race Swim Speed/100m Transition Time Run Speed/100m
Race 1 Long Course 83sec 54sec 38sec
Race 2 Long Course equivalent *87sec 60sec *39sec
Race 3 Long Course 85sec 63sec 37sec
Race 4 Long Course 97sec 65sec 45sec
Race 5 Long Course 82sec 57sec 36sec
*Long Course Average of races 1,3,4,5 87sec 60sec 39sec

The race 2 long course is a 750m swim and a 4km run; your result for that race would be calculated as below and your placing in the long course series is determined using that placing.

Place Name Category Gender Total Swim Transition Run
4 Jim Men Male 28:07 10:53 01:00 26:00

4) Why does my ranking in some races change after each race?
Remember we are using your average pace for the races in the mixed series. This means that your place could change as the series goes on depending on how much your average pace changes. So after the race you may have been 4th but as your average pace changes it will move up or down.

5) won’t that discourage me from doing more races if I post a fast average pace near the beginning of the series?
No, historically the person who has won the series has always been the person who did the most races.

6) Why is there no trophy for the Short Course Series?
This is the first year for having both a short and long course. I am hoping in future years if we get enough people out that we can afford to get another couple of trophies. So tell your friends!

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