So where do my registration fees go?

We had a great conversation the other day with some friends about what it takes to put on an endurance event and why they cost what they do. After explaining it to them, they mentioned that we should post it on the website so everyone would understand what it takes to make an endurance race. So here goes.

  • The biggest expense is insurance. We have managed to cut down by grouping our events together but it’s still a costly affair.
  • Permits. You wouldn’t believe the amount of paper work to get people to gather together and have fun.
  • There is of course the standard: food, t-shirts, advertising, and promotions to cover. (Otherwise it would be a pretty lonely starting line…)
  • For events that happen on the smaller islands, ferry costs are covered for all. Bit of a kick if you get to the race and have to pay a ferryman…
  • Anything involving the big blue sea needs kayaks, boats, life guards, and the harbour authority involved. (For the record…anyone who would like to volounteer some of these things would be greatly appreciated…come on who doesn’t want to volounteer for a race where they get to sit around on their kayak and enjoy the vista?)
  • Just as an extra pitch…we love volounteers and are looking for some for our Board of Directors, once we have that in place we can be a true “not for profit” organization!

  • You wouldn’t believe how much time it takes to put these things together! Most people think all the money heads to our pockets…but we are all volunteers. We don’t accept anyone who isn’t willing to put their time in for the joy of the sport.
  • There is one reason we want to make money though…All proceeds not used up in putting everything on…will go to KidSport Nanaimo or growing endurance events in the Nanaimo area.
    • KidSport Nanaimo helps kids, that otherwise couldn’t, enjoy sports. What better reason is there to do something?
    • Could Nanaimo become a sport mecca? With the ocean, mountains, climate and great people you couldn’t ask for a more perfect location for an endurance race “destination”.

    Thanks for helping us grow the endurance sports we love.

    The VI Endurance Crew

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