Tales from the long run – Mr 4X4 driver

This tales from the long run is from 2015.

Ok, so I don’t vent much on social media but I this was bugging me for the last 12km of my run.
So I was out for my long run today and having quite a wonderful time. I did a nice tour of the north end and then headed out to Lantzville.

On my way back I was passed by a 4X4. Now you have to realize I have no problem with people who choose that form of recreation/life style. It is just not for me and that is fine. But this yahoo swerves toward me yelling “Keep Running Fattie”.

Now to be perfectly honest I am a bit of a portly gentlemen. I carry a bit of ‘extra’ around the waist. I think of it as my Bioprene when I am swimming in cold water.

Since you, Mr 4X4 driver, went tearing off leaving me in a cloud of exhaust you didn’t get to hear my response. So I’ll post it here.

Cough, Cough,

“Well, thank you good sir for the close encounter with your oversized tires, the compensation is duly noted. I also want to thank you for the lung full of truck exhaust; it is a nice change from the annoyingly fresh air I had been breathing.”

(fade in the 1812 overture)

“But you know what asshole, get out of your truck and come for a run. Don’t worry this Clydesdale doesn’t run fast so you can keep up but lets see how you are doing when we hit Ladysmith. Still doing ok? Ok lets go to Duncan. Still alive? Ok I’ll meet you in Victoria. That’s right fucker I’m fat and slow but I can out run your ass any day.”

Queue the cannons, as I raise my middle finger in Victory!

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